The man himself, Zachary Dziura!

Zachary Dziura


Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Zachary, and I'm a software engineer who builds performant and scalable web apps. I've worked with a number of different languages and frameworks up-and-down the technology stack: from Angular & NgRx on the front-end; to Rust & Warp, Java & Spring-Boot, C# & .NET, and JavaScript/TypeScript & Express on the back-end.

I even administer my own Linux and BSD servers to host my personal projects (including this very website)!

In my spare time — when not wrangling my kids — I enjoy working on a variety of projects that satisfy my curiosity with the overall technology landscape. I've built a multitude of CLI programs in Rust to better manage my D&D campaigns. I've also built (but not yet released) an Android app that helps users better manage their personal budget.

And that only scratches the surface!

If any of what I've written is interesting enought to warrant a one-on-one conversation, feel free to reach out to me in the Contact section below. I would love to chat with you further to see if my skillset meets your needs!



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C Squared Systems — Senior Software Engineer
Dec. '21 – Present
  • Lead a small team to rewrite the existing NodeJS RESTful APIs in Rust using the Warp framework to handle all existing business logic in the front-end and API layers, resulting in greater platform modularity, performance, and resiliency.
  • Rewrite and redesign the existing product web app by using the latest version of the Angular and NgRx frameworks and rearchitecting the core app design, resulting in reduced page load times and download size, while greatly increasing page execution performance.
Sprague Energy — .NET Developer II
Jun. '19 – Dec. '21
  • Worked with the Refined Products team to develop and release the new Sprague Real-Time web trading platform using latest version of Angular framework.
  • Upgraded the existing set of RESTful APIs to use the latest version of C# and .NET Core.
Fidelity Investments — Web Designer
Jul. '14 – May '19
  • Built an entirely new web app in Angular to modernize the monitoring and reporting processes for upcoming corporate action events for all customers, replacing the existing batch and CICS mainframe reports.
  • Developed RESTful web services using Java and the Spring-Boot framework to interface with the existing DB2 databases on the mainframe and provide data to the front-end web app and other teams within the company.
  • Mentor and onboard new project members graduating from Fidelity's Leap Program.